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My 2006 Jeep started shifting very roughly at times from low to high gears. I took it to the Chysler...

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I was recommended to Eagle for a potential transmission problem by another Auto Shop. Eagle was efficient...

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Honest and dependable! That's how I describe the Eagle Transmission. I have a 2004 Saturn Vue that I...

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I took my 2002 Ford Explorer to Cottman Transmission because it did not feel like it was shifting correctly...

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I was in town from Houston visiting family in the area and my check engine light had just come on. In...

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Eagle Transmission is truly a great business in a day and age of many poor mechanic shops. My mother...

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Eagle Transmission Shop

Eagle Transmission | Soaring Above the Rest

At Eagle Transmission Shop Garland, we deliver on our motto: “The One to Trust.” We specialize in the repair, rebuild and servicing of all types of auto transmissions. It is our goal to deliver a high standard service for every customer in attendance of transmission of various vehicle brands. Our skilled and experienced technical team have a proven track record in addressing transmission requirements with efficiency, the finest attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Operating as one of the largest and reputable of transmission repair services in Texas, call on us to address your automotive needs with quality guaranteed.

We Address All Your Transmission Requirements

Eagle Transmission is a professional transmission shop that has been providing an outstanding level of service in the Texas community for many years. Our combined expertise and innovation have earned us the title of being the “Go To” service for all of your automotive needs. This is because we build transmissions to last. Not only can we assist with skilled technical assistance but also source the best technology to repair and rebuild essential operational components in your automobile. For all types of vehicles, contemporary solutions and the innovation adopted by our technical team help create powerful and efficient transmissions. Our services include:

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair can be a difficult and costly venture without the right professional. At our Eagle Transmission Shop we carefully assess every transmission problem including operational restrictions that would compromise your vehicle performance. All repairs are managed by our skilled, technical and certified mechanics. Whether an input shaft has broken or a leak present, we take care of it. Eagle Transmission offers a comprehensive quotation for repairs. We also conduct the fixture of automatic transmission. Our professional solutions ensure your repairs are conducted with a guaranteed high standard of workmanship.

Transmission Rebuilds

 Our skilled services include a transmission rebuild. Only rely on your reputable auto transmission company to perform rebuilding services. The removal of transmission components and putting back together according to factory specifications is a rebuild. It must only be performed by a specialist because it is a custom job.

Transmission Services

Eagle Transmission is your trusted, reputable and innovative transmission service. We have developed a highly technical and an experienced team over the years and deliver highly specialized solutions for all transmissions. From repairs to rebuilds, we can deliver custom solutions for all makes and models of vehicles.

Call on Eagle Transmission Shop in Garland Texas. We are highly specialized and reputable transmission service and repair specialists. Our workmanship is guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards. We provide all customers peace of mind their regular and automatic transmission needs are expertly addressed. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction with effective reparation and the timely attendance of all transmission requirements.




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